Browser support

Knockout is tested on the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox (versions 2 - latest)
  • Google Chrome (versions 5 - latest)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 6 - 11)
  • Apple Safari (tested on Windows Safari version 5, Mac OS X Safari version 3.1.2, and iPhone Safari for iOS 4-7; should work on newer/older versions too)
  • Opera (versions 10 - recent)

It’s very likely that Knockout also works on older and newer versions of these browsers, but there’s only so many combinations we can check regularly! At the time of the last check, Knockout was also found to work on the following browsers (though we don’t recheck these for every release):

  • Opera Mini
  • Google Android OS browser

To get a good idea of how Knockout will run on another browser or platform, simply run the test suite. This will validate hundreds of behavioral specifications and produce a report of any problems. The pass rate should be 100% on all the browsers listed above.