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Working with Collections example

This example shows how to render a collection using the foreach binding.

The contents of an element using the foreach binding are repeated for each item in the collection and foreach bindings can easily be nested. As you can see from this demonstration (enable ‘Show render times’), Knockout knows that it only needs to render additional content for items that are added a collection.

Live example


  • has   children: Add child (person rendered at )
    • (child rendered at )

Source code: View

<ul data-bind="foreach: people">
            <span data-bind="text: name"> </span> has <span data-bind='text: children().length'>&nbsp;</span> children:
            <a href='#' data-bind='click: addChild '>Add child</a>
            <span class='renderTime' data-bind='visible: $root.showRenderTimes'>
                (person rendered at <span data-bind='text: new Date().getSeconds()' > </span>)
        <ul data-bind="foreach: children">
                <span data-bind="text: $data"> </span>
                <span class='renderTime' data-bind='visible: $root.showRenderTimes'>
                    (child rendered at <span data-bind='text: new Date().getSeconds()' > </span>)
<label><input data-bind='checked: showRenderTimes' type='checkbox' /> Show render times</label> 

Source code: View model

    // Define a "Person" class that tracks its own name and children, and has a method to add a new child
    var Person = function(name, children) { = name;
        this.children = ko.observableArray(children);

        this.addChild = function() {
            this.children.push("New child");
    // The view model is an abstract description of the state of the UI, but without any knowledge of the UI technology (HTML)
    var viewModel = {
        people: [
            new Person("Annabelle", ["Arnie", "Anders", "Apple"]),
            new Person("Bertie", ["Boutros-Boutros", "Brianna", "Barbie", "Bee-bop"]),
            new Person("Charles", ["Cayenne", "Cleopatra"])
        showRenderTimes: ko.observable(false)


Try it in jsFiddle