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Grid editor example

An example of using the ‘foreach’ binding to render content for each item in an array. When you add or remove items, Knockout doesn’t need to re-render everything - it only renders the appropriate elements for the new item. The means the state of other rich UI controls (e.g., validators) isn’t wiped out.

For a detailed step-by-step tutorial about building this example and integrating it with ASP.NET MVC, see this blog post.

Live example

You have asked for   gift(s)

Gift name Price

Source code: View

<form action='/someServerSideHandler'>
    <p>You have asked for <span data-bind='text: gifts().length'>&nbsp;</span> gift(s)</p>
    <table data-bind='visible: gifts().length > 0'>
                <th>Gift name</th>
                <th />
        <tbody data-bind='foreach: gifts'>
                <td><input class='required' data-bind='value: name, uniqueName: true' /></td>
                <td><input class='required number' data-bind='value: price, uniqueName: true' /></td>
                <td><a href='#' data-bind='click: $root.removeGift'>Delete</a></td>

    <button data-bind='click: addGift'>Add Gift</button>
    <button data-bind='enable: gifts().length > 0' type='submit'>Submit</button>

Source code: View model

var GiftModel = function(gifts) {
    var self = this; = ko.observableArray(gifts);

    self.addGift = function() {{
            name: "",
            price: ""

    self.removeGift = function(gift) {;
    }; = function(form) {
        alert("Could now transmit to server: " + ko.utils.stringifyJson(;
        // To actually transmit to server as a regular form post, write this: ko.utils.postJson($("form")[0],;

var viewModel = new GiftModel([
    { name: "Tall Hat", price: "39.95"},
    { name: "Long Cloak", price: "120.00"}

// Activate jQuery Validation
$("form").validate({ submitHandler: });

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