Getting started

  1. How KO works and what benefits it brings
  2. Downloading and installing


  1. Creating view models with observables
  2. Working with observable arrays

Computed observables

  1. Using computed observables
  2. Writable computed observables
  3. How dependency tracking works
  4. Pure computed observables
  5. Reference


Controlling text and appearance

  1. The visible and hidden bindings
  2. The text binding
  3. The html binding
  4. The class and css bindings
  5. The style binding
  6. The attr binding

Control flow

  1. The foreach binding
  2. The if and ifnot bindings
  3. The with and using bindings
  4. The let binding
  5. The component binding
  6. Binding lifecycle events

Working with form fields

  1. The click binding
  2. The event binding
  3. The submit binding
  4. The enable and disable bindings
  5. The value binding
  6. The textInput binding
  7. The hasFocus binding
  8. The checked binding
  9. The options binding
  10. The selectedOptions binding
  11. The uniqueName binding

Rendering templates

  1. The template binding

Binding syntax

  1. The data-bind syntax
  2. The binding context

Creating custom bindings

  1. Creating custom bindings
  2. Controlling descendant bindings
  3. Supporting virtual elements
  4. Custom disposal logic
  5. Preprocessing: Extending the binding syntax


  1. Overview: What components and custom elements offer
  2. Defining and registering components
  3. The component binding
  4. Using custom elements
  5. Advanced: Custom component loaders

Further techniques

  1. Loading and saving JSON data
  2. Extending observables
  3. Deferred updates
  4. Rate-limiting observables
  5. Unobtrusive event handling
  6. Using fn to add custom functions
  7. Microtasks
  8. Asynchronous error handling


  1. The mapping plugin

More information

  1. Browser support
  2. Getting help
  3. Links to tutorials & examples
  4. Usage with AMD using RequireJs (Asynchronous Module Definition)

Browser support

Knockout is tested on the following browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox (versions 3.5 - current)
  • Google Chrome (current)
  • Microsoft Edge (current)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 6 - 11)
  • Apple Safari for Mac OS (current)
  • Apple Safari for iOS (versions 6 - 8)
  • Opera (current version)

It’s very likely that Knockout also works on older and newer versions of these browsers, but there’s only so many combinations we can check regularly! At the time of the last check, Knockout was also found to work on the following browsers (though we don’t recheck these for every release):

  • Google Android OS browser
  • Opera Mini
  • Google Chrome 5+
  • iOS Safari 5
  • Mac OS X Safari 3.1.2+

To get a good idea of how Knockout will run on another browser or platform, simply run the test suite. This will validate hundreds of behavioral specifications and produce a report of any problems. The pass rate should be 100% on all the browsers listed above.